Monday, August 11, 2008

When Biking to work, Alway come prepared.

originally uploaded by sincainflickr.
Last week while riding to work I forgot a few things. Can you guess what one of those things were? If you said my belt you must be psychic or at least looked over at the picture. Yup, I'm in the back room changing into my work gear and I reach into my bag to retrieve my belt but alas, it's not there. I stood there for a second thinking, "did I seriously forget to put it in the bag?". Yes, yes i did. Damn. So I'm in our storage room thinking what to do now. Then I see my salvation, a grey 6' CAT5 Ethernet cable. Jethro has nothing on me, I'm going high tech hillbilly style! I usually don't tuck my shirt in so wasn't very noticeable but I did have to show it off to a few people. It did a decent job, though on any long trips I'd usually go hands in pockets for a little extra support.

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