Friday, August 8, 2008

Way way way back in the day!

So last night we are trying to finish up our wedding invitations and I had to go to the art supply store to get some paper for the direction sheet I'm going to include. As I'm walking around the store I happen by a stamper thing a ma jig. The night before Angela and I were talking about how cool a stamper or sticker would be instead of tying fifty plus bows 8\. Funny, it's like this wax stamper has answered my call. I'm a fan of the old school and I think it looks not so hardish so I decided that it's a must have. I picked it up and headed home where my parents met me and the four of us continue to get the invites all wrapped up. I had to print up the directions and then Xacto them.. I have printed and cut more paper in the last month then I ever care to again. But I think the invites came out awesome so it was worth it. But anyway .. back to the stamper. Angela and my Mom are tying bows while my Pops is either on finger/bow duty or stuffing the envelopes. They get all the bows tied and the lopes stuffed. Now I unveil the latest fantastic idea. We are going to melt this wax and seal the inner envelopes like I'm a 1600s Duke of some fantasical land. Let me just say, the easy 1-2-3 instructions that I had thought no so hardish at the store took on a whole new adjective. I pretty much ruined the first wax stick trying to figure out how to:

1) heat up the wax
2) drip it on the paper
3) not catch the envelopes or my fingers on fire (very tough as the burning wax drops are sometimes still on fire as the hit the paper)
4) keep the wax stick (aka candle) lit
5) pass it to Angela without dropping wax all over the table or the wrong part of the invites
6) staying calm even though I'm getting all tensed up thinking I'm about to ruin invitations I've put a ton of time and money into and these things need to go out tomorrow.

Lets just say it's does have a bit of a learning curve. But once you get a hang of it, it really isn't that bad. As long as you have someone else there .. well.. it helps to have someone there if you are trying to make fifty plus wax seals. It start off hectic but after we were done it ended up being the most fun we had creating the invites.

Then today I go to the Post Office to get the stamps and the have to give me numerous stamps to make up the 98cent cost. They are out of dollar stamps so I have to end up going to with a 90 center that is a lovely beach scene with palm trees and a dude running on the beach. Paired with a eagle sitting on a watch. Oh I know what you are thinking, wow what an awesome combo. But alas you would be mistaken. I would have rather had a pirate skull or some other such craziness. It would have at least gone with the wax stamp.

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