Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm the Man..

I was going to start putting down a few stories from the days of yore, or the back in the day days. But figured I'd better put this out there as it's always a major factor in many of my stories and will probably need to be stated so people have a good reference. Sooooo...

"I'm the Man!" .. or at least that is what pops in my head right before I decide to do something quite stupid. Not that I actually think that exact phase but that's the words I've given to that feeling I seem to get right before I do something really stupid. I'm sure there are many of you out there that know exactly what I mean.. weather you admit it or not! It's uncontrollable, though I do know it's there. And I always think, this time it won't pop up or will be controlled with common sense. How stupid I truly am.

When I'm blasting down a trail and see something that has no business being ridden, jumped, hopped or even gone near that little voice perks up. "YOU CAN DO THIS, LETS JUMP IT!" ..... I'M the MAN!". Only to realize I am so NOT the man. If I would be walking the trail and should see the said "something" I'd shake my head and think wow that looks crazy but I bet someone could jump that. Not even thinking that I should even attempt it, until, I'm on my bike. Pumped up from the ride, bombing a downhill, reacting more then thinking .. and that's when it pops in there. You have no chance to stop it, there is no common sense that that point. And why should there be, "I'm the Man!" remember.

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