Sunday, July 19, 2009

How you like me now?!

Yeah, that's what I said to the 12' hill at Loch Raven that always laughs down on me as time and again fail to clean it. Oh, but not this time I finally conquered it. Using BJ's trick I rode up and off the trail giving myself enough space to turn and it worked like a champ! I'm not saying I didn't come to a crawl and I'm not saying it wasn't the suck, cause it was. But I beat it's dirty a$$ (get it, it's a hill made of dirty. No huh? damn). I was so excited I was struck with the idea to stop and take a picture so I could include it with this post but then I'd have to stop. My nemesis is just the start of another climb that wines it's way back up to Mid range. I was on a roll and didn't want to stop so I just kept on going until I reached the intersection with the Mid Double Track. This weekend was a good one, the temp and humidity were both down and it felt great. I got ditched on Sat but there was no way I was going to miss such a great day.

I don't know if I've improved this weekend or if it was just because of the wonderful weather (aka no humidity which seems to beat me down) or that I might actually be gaining some form. I've lost some weight so that's helping for sure but I'll wait till next weekend before I decided that I'm feeling stronger.

My MTN ride was the best of the season. I cleaned all the hills that usually give me grief and never had the taste of my spleen well up in my throat. Oh yeah it still hurt but no where near as bad as it has been. I went from Mid down down the S's to the shore past Sam's Grave crossed over the log pile bridge cleaned both steep sections and made my way back up to Mid without taking a break. First time in awhile I didn't feel spent and could just keep on keep'n on. Went up to Provident Road hit the speed loop dropped back in and then even cleaned the other rutted steep curving hill that I usually burn out on. I had enough juice in the tank to pick a good line and take my time, most of the time I'm just seeing black spots hit a root burn out and then start cussing. No cussing required this time. 8)

The root section down my the shore was the only painful section for me. My knee still isn't 100% after the accident but it's feeling a ton better. I can at least get out of the saddle to climb now. I finished with a good time and even had enough energy when I got home to get out the never dull and polish the Chameleon (that's my bike, a Santa Cruz Chameleon, get your mind out of the gutter).

Sunday it was again super nice. I headed up to Falls Road to get in my climbing loop. My knee started out a little sore but it cleared up pretty quickly. I felt good most of the ride until the last big climb at mile 40. But at least I'm feeling stronger and that is a bonus. If I can just get my insurance bike stuff all cleared up and done.

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