Friday, September 5, 2008

Hateful Day

What is going on today? I have been bombarded with anger from the get go! ... Had a dentist appointment today so I was going to be a little late to work today. It was a quick one though they were only gluing the perm cap on my toofer. And I had told my boss three weeks ago.. I was only 45 mins late. no biggy .. well it appears not.

I'm heading in and I see all kind of shat popping up on the work Blackberry. Servers going down, calls coming in, basically a storm of wonderfulness. Yeah this is how I wanted my Friday morning to start.

I talked to my buddy at work and he said every one's up in arms and there are all kind of issues going on. Other then seeing the print server go offline (which I got the message ) he didn't go into details. I arrive and it appears the application director couldn't print along with "one" other person so naturally that means "everyone" can't print. They take down the primary and backup print servers, the primary was fine and running smooth it appears but he didn't read the posting I wrote up asking everyone to start using the printers on the Primary server. The back up server had hung and it was the only issue. Reboot it and all would have been well.

Now,. my boss appears to be upset because I didn't put my 45 min lateness on the calender which I have never done. And others were worried about where I was? People have enough spare time to wonder about me? Maybe they should get to work and not worry about everyone else.

I'm gone for 45 mins and this goes down. They are going to be in a world of hurts when I'm gone for two weeks for my Honeymoon in October. I've been pretty ticked all day but I can't help but smile when I think of that. enjoy suckas !

Oh yeah .. and on my way to lunch a dude in a Jeep goes around a truck and is heading right for me. Takes his good ol time getting out of the head to head collision thing we have going on. I raise my hand up and say to him "what are you doing man? Jebus!" All of which he can't hear. I'm not thinking about it but in the rear mirror I see him stopped and leaning out yelling something. What a tool.. I move to the exit of the parking lot to move out onto the road. He swings around and pulls up next to me ... to "have it out" .. I'm not going to quote the whole thing but it ended with me saying "yeah sure.. whatever you douche" ...

Ahh... such a wonderful day..

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