Monday, August 25, 2008


It's not just a tree anymore, it's the name of our new kitten. She's all black except for a little white on her belly and she has barely visable stripes. The stripes are a dark dark brown and really hard to see but they are there. We've only had her a few days now but she's a good little kitty. Loves to play, hang out but not overly and pretty much is just fun. Unless you are Solei (aka Squeeker) our resident Cat. She is not down with the intruder so far, if the kitten comes into visable range she lets her know she is now happy to see her with a hiss or warbling growl. She's trying to be fiece but if Sassy knew her she'd know how funny that is. Squeeker isn't a fighter and is usually more scared of her own shadow then trying to ambush under the cover of them. It's a surprise to see her getting all riled up. Not that it matters, Sassy will just go chasing right after her compleletly ready to play. When Squeeker gets all hissy she just stops and stares at her, in my head I can picture her thinking "Ummm what's the matter with you?" she even tilts her head. The hope was they'd get along and be company for each other while Angela and I are at work. Guess not so much, well I'm sure it will be ok in time but for now Squeeker has her stick drawing lines that Sassy isn't suppose to cross. But it's working as well for her as it does for the looney tunes.

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