Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tired but feeling good..

Last night was the first time this season I finished the ride strong. The rides before I've gassed on the climbs and felt like I wasn't going to collapse. But this ride through Loch Raven was different, I climbed a lot better and when I got back to the car I still have some juice left. It's nice to finally get back into a little shape.

No wrecks which is another nice bonus but still couldn't clean my nemesis. It's only about 12' high but it crushes me every time. It's a short STEEP climb right after another longer steep climb that is pretty rutted up. I remember back when the trail would smoothly start the next time taking you up to the intersection with the mid Double Track. Since then a tree fell blocking the old trail and a new section was created. The trail is a Z of sorts. You start off by making a hard right that takes you back on yourself so you can't get any starting speed. Then it punches you in the face with a horrible steep 12' climb that then turns hard left. You have to gear it just right. Too heavy you'll stop dead, too lite and you'll burn out. That's never my problem, my problem is that left turn at the top. I get up it and start to turn then stop dead. The angle just kills me, I don't know how many times I've hit that stupid hill. I use to get all ticked off but now I just sigh.

Last night my friends BJ cleaned it, smoothly. And I saw his trick. He rides up out of the climb and rides into the woods, not even trying to turn at the top to stay on the trail. AH HA! why didn't I think of that?! This way the angle isn't so horrible and it allows you to keep creeping forward instead of the dead stop pivot I try to pull off. So next time, I will clean that damn 12' climb, oh yes.. I will.

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